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When to Ask Your Client to Write a Review

Are you asking your clients to write a review for you? If not... why not?

If you are asking your clients to write a review are you asking at the right moment? Don't wait until the end of the transaction to ask. The best time to have that conversation is when you get into contract!!! Yes, when they accept an offer, or when their offer is accepted. Why?

What is the happiest moment during the transaction... usually when they get into contract. It's a momentary feeling of relief, excitement, and gratitude. Once they get further into the transaction there are all kinds of things that can and will go wrong that may be totally out of your control, but it will still reflect on you, their agent. Waiting until closing, they may have a lot of other things on their mind than writing you a review, and the may be in a different state of mind of they encountered a lot of issues and stress throughout the transaction. Plus, they may be packing and preparing for a move, waiting on funds to be distributed, coordinating kids, etc... your job is done, but now they have a lot to manage.

Asking your clients to write you a review should be part of your routine and at the right moment in the journey. If you have one of our websites, you can share your "Leave a Review" page so your clients can chose which platform they write the testimonial on.

If you don't have a review page on your website, contact me and I can show you the benefits of our websites and how you can use this feature to increase your SEO and push out to your social media!

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