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BREAKING NEWS... Wix now has Search IDX Integration!

Until now, linking to a broker supplied website or using RealScout to embed iframe code, Real Estate websites on the Wix platform did not have an integration option.

Now we do!

It's iHomeFinder and they've got great new pricing and features that make this IDX broker one of the best I've experienced. They were too spendy in the past for me to recommend, but now they are actually more affordable and cheaper than RealScout!

If you would like a fully integrated IDX added to your current website, let's discuss this new option. Perhaps you are using RealScout and noticed their 90% price increase... well iHomeFinder can be a better option.

This is a sample website with the iHomeFinder IDX integrated. Check it out... you may just want to buy a cabin and retire in the beautiful setting of Zion National Park.

If you'd like to learn more, schedule time on my calendar or email me!

Happy Holidays!

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