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New Series: Riding the Google Roller Coaster

Join me for my Monday Marketing forum over the next few months for my monthly webinar on Riding the Google Roller Coaster.

Monday, June 24th
9am to 10am PDST

This series should hopefully inform you of the Google algorithm updates that effect your SEO presence and how you can pivot.

This first webinar will be about

  • FAQs and their role in the new algorithm

  • How to add FAQs to your website

  • How to add FAQs to your Google Business Page

  • How to find the questions that have the biggest impact for SEO

My previous webinar was about all the Google changes, which has been overwhelming to the SEO Experts, nevertheless, the small business groups.

The Real Estate and Mortgage industries were hit hard. Google has repaired the some of the damage done by their bans on those industries and their 180 degree turn around. I can give you a few tips that may help you get your Google Business Page verified. It's still in flux for existing pages.

These webinars will be free to anyone who RSVPs. I hope to see you there.

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