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Use CAR Monthly Stats to Create Video Updates

When you are working hard to stay "top-of-mind" with your client database, keeping them informed of the Real Estate Market in their county is a great way to convey the information to them, but also to market yourself as a listing agent.

You can access the County Market Updates by going to and search on County Market Updates in the top right corner. The first choice is a pdf or png (image) file. Then you can download all of the California Counties by using Select All or select county by county.

If you are using these to create a video, download as a png file. Then you can use PowerPoint to create a page for each County you want to discuss in your video. Be sure to review the information so you can talk fluently and succinctly to keep your video to 2 minutes or less. Now you can add your YouTube intro and outro using Canva and upload to your YouTube Channel.

From there, you can share on your website blog to push out to social media or embed in a monthly newsletter! Follow my blog posts and join me in my Monday Marketing Forum on my event page for the latest on how to use video and create video using the free tools you have online!

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