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Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2021 and Beyond

If there’s one thing 2020 proved, it’s that we are now digital!

While many other types of traditional marketing became non-existent, the digital world boomed. This is the time to take advantage of this to recover, and grow your business in 2022.

Tip 1: Update your Website (ASAP)

Do not get through the year with an old dysfunctional website. Doing so would be like updating your house with oak from the 80's. Users spend very little time on your site, about 45 seconds. You need to capture their attention from the start and engage with them. Don’t lose users because your site is not updated or user-friendly.

Tip 2: Ensure that your website is mobile-"optimized"

Although the use of mobile devices sharply increased during the pandemic, how users use real estate websites remained fairly consistent. In the real estate industry, users will look you up on a mobile device, read your About page and testimonials, but they search for homes on a desktop.

It will make the user experience easy and convenient for customers if your website is mobile-optimized. It's may be their first impression.

A mobile-optimized website will also help with Google’s “Core-Web-Vitals”, load speed, visual stability, and site responsiveness. In 2021 and beyond, paying attention to these measurements will help your search rankings on Google as a result.

Remember, you want to be accessible to your customers on mobile and desktop. Make it a wonderful experience for them and keep them engaged.

Tip 3: Create Content that people are searching "people also ask"

The best and most engaging content always answers your users’ questions. If a user feels that they aren’t finding the answers to their questions, they’ll leave. You want this content to either inform or add value to the users’ experience and ultimately help solve their problems.

When users enter an organic search, often the People Also Ask section appears. If you are answering those questions, you are increasing the likelihood that users will find the answers they may be looking for. Google will notice too, and eventually you may be the website that they recommend for those answers.

The goal is to make quality, valuable content. Alternatively, you can use these topics to improve and re-purpose the information on your current highly searched blogs.

It is also key to focus on the human connection. By providing helpful and very valuable content, you’ll begin to gain trust and credibility with potential customers.

Tip 4: Use website tools that allow for lead generation

Consumers always want instant answers and solutions. They are not willing to spend hours searching for information and with COVID changing consumer behavior, consumers are expecting everything to be handled online.

Try incorporating a few digital strategies and tools that make it easy for your contacts to conveniently engage with you and your team on their own terms.

Here are some examples of tools to keep in mind :

• Live Chatbots – Chatbots allow visitors to open live online chat conversations with you or your team on your website. Businesses can provide support, ask qualifying lead questions, and even convert leads all through a live online chatbot. Personalize your message and include a call to action to have them schedule a meeting with you.

• Record Video About You – Let your users know who you are, what you stand for, what sets you apart and embed on your website. You’ll provide a great user experience where viewers can stop, pause, and re-watch when it’s convenient for them.

• Appointment and scheduling tools – Use appointment scheduling tools such as our websites sync to your Google Calendar so they can see what day and time is convenient for them.

Tip 5: Use Movement-First Content

Movement-first content is the best way to target your ideal reader. As you gain traction, you can leverage distribution channels to reach your total serviceable market (actual potential customers) then the total addressable market (anyone who might be interested in the topics you cover).

Movement-First Content Is Optimized for Impact and is Opinionated.

The narrower the audience, the more you need to rely on specific, non-obvious, insightful and opinionated content. As the audience widens, content becomes more about delivering information and less about the message.

Tip 6: Focus on the user experience (UX)

According to Google, users show a big preference for sites that offer a great page experience. It should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also easy to navigate, engaging, and precise, to-the-point content.

Prioritizing user experience (UX) will mean visitors are likely to stay engaged on your website rather than visit your competitors.

Tip 7: Use video on social media

Along with everything else digital in 2020, social media boomed. This is predominantly lead by video-based social media marketing and yes, even direct communications. Consumers increasingly engage with images and video content. Although video content is king, it is about to get even bigger with interactive video (a topic for another time).

All marketers agree that video marketing is more effective at generating leads than static posts. Video can also provide a "hands-free" engagement for viewers who may be multi-tasking.

Tip 8: Build Your Brand, Strategically

In the real estate industry, just as the curb appeal of your listings, first impressions of you and your brand matter. The matter a lot. The importance and value of who you are as an entrepreneur is the reason you need an identifiable, kick-butt, rock star brand.

In most cases, the only thing they may know about you is your logo on a yard sign in someone else's yard. Even if the are a referral, they go to your website to find out more about you and your brand.

Your brand is more than just a logo on display. Branding runs deep. Your branding and logo is key to your success. It is part of what will make you memorable and the brand of choice. Listen to the experts. You are the CEO of your business, not your family, kids, or friends, so make CEO level decisions on what you want your brand to convey and how it represents who you are.

Tip 9: Get On Google My Business

You are a local business or brand. You offer services in your local area. Get your business on Google My Business (GMB). It's one of the MOST important things you can do.

Think of GMB as the "new" yellow pages. It's a business listing. GMB is also the "listing" that appears in Safari and Bing also has a "business listing" called Bing for Business Places.

Once you have your listings, sync them together and feed them weekly with posts, pictures, and updates!

Tip 10: Be Authentic

One of the best ways to attract clients is to be authentic and genuine. Real estate is a "relationship" business, so show your true self, let others get to know you. In doing so, your voice will be heard through your sincere brand storytelling, and your audience will respond in a much more genuine way.

Authenticity will convey a message about your brand that will attract a more relevant customer base to your business.


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