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Stop Wasting Money... Don't Buy Leads!

"Buying leads is a GREAT way to expand your business...


With higher interest rates than in the last three plus years, it has effected the real estate market, the economy, what families have as disposable income... but spending MORE dollars on unqualified leads is like putting your greenbacks in a burn barrel and lighting a match. Okay, that may show my age, but you get the idea.

You only have yourself to depend on... third party vendors that promise the moon or a ride on SpaceX is unrealistic. If you have a great SEO Optimized website and the Google properties online, you can improve your ranking and build your SEO to be found on page 1, above the fold.

If you aren't sure of what all that means, that may be a problem. As entreprenuers you need know all aspects of running a service type business, including mastering your online presence. I can help. Contact me today and I'll show you how to grow your online presence. You can book time on my calendar by clicking the tab "Book Online." See you there!

P.S. Watch for my upcoming advanced class on Canva!

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