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How to get 5 Stars from Google

With one simple idea, you can get 5 stars from Google for your SEO ranking. How you ask? With your Wix dashboard, it's easy...

  1. Create a simple video in Wix. I also use Canva for my images or short 5 second videos.

  2. Upload your video to your YouTube Channel. Since Google owns YouTube, you get credit for adding new content to your channel = STAR #1.

  3. Write your blog on your website. This adds NEW CONTENT to you website = STAR #2.

  4. Post your blog to your Google Business profile. Google loves this = STAR #3.

  5. Now you Post to your YouTube Community on your Channel (yes, this is new and you can add posts to YouTube) = STAR #4.

  6. Share your blog to SOCIAL MEDIA and engage with the viewers. Facebook and Google likes it when you engage, like thanking all of those that share or like your post = STAR #5.

The trick here is to organize your thoughts so you can create a few simple images that tell a summary of your blog topic. If you can keep it simple and organized, you can get your idea across quickly and effectively.

For more ideas on how to increase your SEO rankings or to get an SEO optimized website, reach out to me and let's get started.

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