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Pivoting - The Art of Being a Change Agent

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Do you wait to follow others when the market changes? Or do you see what may be coming and create a plan to pivot?

Knowing when to switch directions is a large part of the process. There has been a lot of back and forth on social media about the fear of a housing crash and home values dropping. I truly believe that agents can influence how consumers perceive the market, especially when it's all over your social media feeds. Whether its true or not, if you run around saying the sky is falling, you may be creating a hesitance for owners to sell and buyers to buy.

We are probably all seeing MORE inventory in our markets. Here we are seeing more and more price reductions as well. The rise in inventory could be more cyclic than a market adjustment. Spring is always a hot market for real estate. So how much of that is a "real" change in the market? It takes more than just one change in the market, it's more of a accumulation of all the signs.

Agents that used to get frustrated representing buyers after showing 50 homes, making 10 offers, and nothing accepted, are now frantically trying to find those buyer leads again. Those that showed perseverance and kept working with their buyers are in a better position than those that stopped representing buyers. Whether you represent a buyer or a seller, it's their referrals that keep the business coming your way.

Keep building your SEO and consumers will find you organically and have a higher probability of converting to a client than purchasing leads. Don't throw good money away on bad lead generation scams.

This blog represents my opinions only from what I see happening throughout the nation with my own real estate clients. For more information on how to gain SEO and Google ranking, contact me.

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