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It's Time to Put Spice in Your Marketing!

Fall is a busy season for selling real estate, but the holidays are approaching quickly. This is a difficult time to be juggling the day to day demands of your job while putting your holiday marketing plan together and executing it.

The first day of Fall is September 22 and ends December 20, and these months are usually jammed pack for consumers and businesses alike. How do you get a share of their attention? Here's my 15 Fall Marketing tips that can help you stay top of mind and hopefully, generate a few leads. At the least, you will get noticed!

  1. Audit your website and update the content according to the current market. Take a little time to click through your website to make sure it’s easy to navigate, content is easy to read, and it reflects what is happening in today's market.

  2. Check your local events for fall and upcoming holidays. Take a moment to check for your local area events calendars. The fall and holiday season becomes active with community events. Pick the ones you feel your target demographic would enjoy and post about them in Google My Business and on your Blog.

  3. Send a Fall Newsletter. This is the one season of the year that is perfect to offer a personal letter-from-the-heart, from your family to theirs. Recipes, crafts, things to do, it's all great to add into a newsletter this time of year.

  4. Launch a referral program for the fall. Your client database is your best source for getting new clients through referrals. 83% of people say that they trust recommendations from friends and family when it comes to choosing a product or service, and referred customers are 18% more likely to remain with you and refer others. Consider a contest for the fall to entice your clients to refer their family and friends.

  5. Send emails to ask for testimonials. Yes, I know this is a busy time, but it is also a time for giving and sentiment. This can be the best time of year to ask clients to write testimonials.

  6. Check your 2021 Marketing Plan. Are you on track? What worked, what didn't? What gave you the greatest ROI? What do you want to repeat?

  7. Create your 2022 Marketing Plan. Use what you learned that actually worked and do it again. Differently is okay, but repeat what works. Create a marketing plan for the coming year so you aren't having to guess what you need to do and can plan, organize, and execute.

  8. Use seasonal taglines in your marketing. Make your advertising seasonally relatable by using a fall slogan into your copy. Here are some fall advertising slogans for inspiration: It’s fall y’all - So long summer - Pumpkin-spice and everything nice - Ghostly good times - well you get the idea...

  9. Take advantage of the fun fall unknown holidays. Have some fun! There are some great fun holidays and observances that happen throughout the months. Here are some examples. National Coffee Day 9/29, National Taco Day 10/4, National Pumpkin Day 10/26, No Shave November! Post about it. Ask people to participate and send you or post pics you can share on your website.

  10. Volunteer in the community. There are a lot of options to show you give back to the community you work, live and play in. Collect used coats for kids. Organize and pick up canned goods from your neighborhood to give to the local food bank. Attend charity events. You know what to do!

  11. Invite clients to a holiday movie. Another favorite of mine. We like to invite our clients, neighbors and friends to a impromptu block party for a taco bar, drinks, and cover the garage with a white sheet to play our favorite holiday movie (A Christmas Story). Tell them to bring a chair and they can sit 6 feet away if desired, but what a fun night this is, and easy!

  12. Set up a corner hot chocolate stand. Take your popup down to a corner in the neighborhood you farm in, or the one you live in and make a big coffee pot of hot chocolate. Hand out cups of hand-warming coziness with a peppermint stir stick. Don't forget to put your business stickers on the cups!

  13. Put on a holiday party at a local shelter. This doesn't have to cost much, but it has a huge impact. A few decorations and some goodie bags filled with hygiene essentials, a good pair of socks, and something frivolous is always a big hit. Call around, I'm sure you won't get turned down!

  14. Holiday Pet Party. There's a lot of pet owners that love their little Fido so much that they would love to participate in an event at the local dog park. Make it simple, hand out inexpensive santa hats for dogs, and maybe have a treat bowl with holiday colored doggie bones. Talk, mingle and get to know those that join you!

  15. Add seasonal content to your website. Everyone loves the holidays (well most everyone). Your business can flourish with seasonal content to post on your website, as well as in social media and blog posts.

Automotive: Write about tips for winter-proofing your car and give them a checklist of things to do put in a survival kit in the trunk!

Spa: Provide a few relaxation tips for people to survive the stress of the holiday season.

Eateries: Pick a local eatery and highlight their seasonal menu or offer fall recipes using pumpkin-spices.

Home: I know you all have several tips for weather-proofing and winterizing your home.

Visitors: Give some ideas of how to be a great host when family and friends come to celebrate the holidays. My favorite is to set up a coffee bar in the guest room so they are self-contained in the mornings and give you time to get the day going.

I'm sure you will find a couple of tips here that can be done easily during this busy season. Email me to tell me how it worked for you! I just love this time of the year, and especially the cooler days to come. It's been another tough year for the heat, wildfires, and pandemic, so let's take time to "tis the season" as I say, and find ways to relate to others, have fun, and feel gratitude.

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