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How Can You Show Up on a Google Search in Your Area?

Let's start by congratulating some of our clients on their rankings in Google...

Walnut Creek Page 1: Walnut Creek Page 2:

Simon Watson Todd Goforth

Sussan Rouhafza Oleysa Ananyev

Kelly Gargiulo Yvonne Nava

Christine Rivlin Stephanie Clark

Doug Gamblin Mariella Walsworth

Rob Abdolhosseini Mary Ray

Dayna Wilson Joe Giacomazzo

Rebecca Loboschefsky

Concord Page 1: Pleasant Hill Page 1:

Todd Goforth Kelly Gargiulo

Ron Melvin Ron Melvin

Dayna Wilson Yvonne Nava

Kelly Gargiulo

Mary Ray Hercules Page 1:

Simon Watson Jacques Philogene

Danville Page 1: Danville Page 2:

Andrew Lowe Monica Benham

Claire Sheperdson Rosa Behrouz

Joyce Chiu Tiffany Stock

Meghan Diehl

Krista Alexander & Suzie Lang

Santa Rosa Page 1: El Dorado Hills Page 1:

Tom Lois & Izetta Fenny Coco Borges

The McCall Team Melanie Park

Black Mountain NC Page 1: San Luis Obispo Page 1:

Tim Johnson Shannon Bowdey

And so many more...

All of these agents had the foresight to get a robust website that was Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimized, online branding across the 3 main search engines, and they are doing the work to keep their rankings up to get found on an "organic google search."

An "organic" search is one where the consumer searches for "agent near me" or "Walnut Creek Realtor," whereas a "direct" search is where they search for a specific agent like "Joyce Chiu Realtor."

Where do you fall on the search list? Any idea? Search engine algorithms change all the time without warning or specifics to what is being changed. There's never any promises, but we always do what we can to make that happen for our clients. Getting branded online, making sure your reputation is clean, getting any conflicts resolved, and maintaining your online presence will not only get your rankings higher, but keep your rankings high.

What does Google look for?

  • Homepage with internal links to webpages

  • Website Traffic and how long they stay - engagement

  • Original content

  • Use of video and images

  • Number of words per page

  • Mobile readiness - More than "friendly" or "responsive"

  • Readability - Fonts, Size of Fonts, Titles, Bullets, Numbered lists, etc...

  • Number of external links

  • And a lot of other features

We like to not only build clean websites that are optimized, but get your branding complete across the search platforms and then TEACH you how to manage it. I hope this is one of your top goals for 2021, so you don't get left in the dust by your peers!

After all, the point of this is to get your phone to ring. The new stats show that more than any other recent time, what the pandemic has done is to generate more dependence on the internet for researching anything and everything before we make decisions. Even if they have been referred by a past client, friend or family member, they are GOING to CHECK you out ONLINE! Just like you would!

Our Menu of Services...

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