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Google GMAIL Makes Changes - Important!!!

A few weeks ago, Google evidently made changes to your Gmail features that can impact you GREATLY!

The SPAM filter settings are no longer available on the "free" gmail accounts. In order to set the filter settings for Spam emails, you must upgrade to Google Workspace. They also made the "spam filter" even more stringent so more emails go into the Spam Folder (probably to get you to feel like you have to upgrade to a paid account).

Why is this important? Working with two of my real estate clients this morning, we discovered offers for a listing, the title report from the title company, and so much more, IN THE SPAM folder! Both of my clients missed extremely important information on home sales that could have had serious consequences.

I spoke with Google support and there is NO work-around. You have to go into the Spam folder, open the email and click REPORT NOT SPAM, so all future emails from that email account will go into the Inbox.

I know we all get a lot of spam emails and it is annoying. But it is even more annoying to find important emails in the spam folder that should not be there. Google has no intention of changing this, but maybe if we all send feedback to them by clicking the Help Icon (circle with a ? in it) they will get the message that it isn't okay.

If you have concerns, reach out and I will help if I can. I would love to build you a website and get you found online too. Now is the time!

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