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Google Ads and the New CPP Law

I've had many calls and emails recently asking for help with Google Ads. So here's my take...

With as many changes that are happening all at once with Google and Facebook, they are also responsible for complying with the new Consumer Privacy Protection laws regulating "data collection" and "targeted audiences."

From Google

Examples of where you can collect customer data

  • Customers who purchased an item from your website, app, or physical store

  • Customers who registered to receive marketing messages

  • Customers who requested more information / quotes from you

  • Customers who signed up for an account / your loyalty program

I'm in the same boat as you are, getting up to speed with the changes and trying to understand what IS allowed and what is NOT allowed.

What I do know is that you have several considerations when constructing an ad. Real Estate Agents have to be VERY careful about the Fair Housing laws when working with a targeted audience. Any time you try to incorporated "exclusions" you could be breaking the law and your ad could be denied. Remember, it's Google and FB/IG's interpretation of the law and of the content of your ad. Mortgage or LO's have a bigger hurdle with the additional rules around financial services.

Now we also have to be careful of the "type" of personalized ad you want to create. You may want to get more phone calls, more traffic to your website, online branding promotion, etc... but your primary goal is to generate leads. So how do you do that effectively without being so broad that you get a ton of calls about a service you don't provide.

The most common issue real estate agents are experiencing with ads is the plethora of inquiries for rentals. Unfortunately, it is unclear at this point how you can avoid the "unintentional" leads and just get the more qualified leads.

As we all figure out this new online ad landscape, feel free to share what is working and what isn't working. Collaboration will help us all make sense of these changes.

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