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Facebook Business Page Changes

You probably all know that Facebook has changed it's Corporate name to Meta, but that's not the only change on the horizon. Facebook has also made changes to the Business Pages.

  1. No longer have people "like" the page, now they can "follow" the page.

  2. No longer have the ability to write reviews on business pages.

  3. No longer have the ability to add "video" to the banner.

Even though your Friends can't "like" your page you can invite your Friends to "follow" your page. If you send out links for reviews, you need to remove the Facebook review link. If I built your website, I can help if you aren't sure how to do that.

It is "rumored" that Facebook is doing away with business pages altogether. I haven't been able to verify that, but I hear it in the rumbles. Facebook business pages in my opinion aren't really worth having for most industries. If you are an online seller of products, then perhaps, but most service industries don't benefit from having a business page.

With the changes to the Consumer Protection Act and data collection, it will make it much harder to "retarget" specific people with specific online behaviors. I guess we will all see how this works out in the near future!

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