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Create Video using Zoom, PowerPoint and Canva

Creating video with the FREE online tools you have couldn't get any easier than it is today! In this video, I teach you how to use your local or county market updates, talk to the viewer using Zoom recordings and then add the video intro and outro using Canva.

Here's where the power of this video comes in to play... you upload to your YouTube Channel, and share as a blog post on your website. Then you can push out to your social media accounts from your blog post.

This gives you GOOGLE JUICE, helping you not only stay "top-of-mind" with clients as the local real estate expert, but also driving traffic back to your website and clicking up "views" on your YouTube video... Its a win-win! For the short time it takes to record a 2 minute video once a month or even once a week, you get 4 points from Google!

  1. You have new original content on your YouTube Channel

  2. You have new original content on your website blog

  3. You drive traffic from social media back to your website, getting more visitors to visit your site.

  4. You get views on your YouTube video!

Swwwweeeeeeeet.... You did all that in less than the 30 minutes it may take to do a video like this once a month!

Now start thinking of all the ways you can use this method to create engaging videos for your clients. At the next Monday Marketing Forum we are going to help you set up a Newsletter using MailChimp from scratch. RSVP today to get the zoom link and join us on Monday morning at 8am!

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