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10 Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2021

Last year, we learned a valuable lesson;

“You never know when your online presence is going to play a huge part in your real estate business.”

Many agents learned that lesson by ignoring the need for a robust online presence. They had no alternative to lead generate when open houses became no longer possible! So, knowing what we know now... let’s look at the trends for 2021.

1. Agent Websites - First of all, websites are NOT dinosaurs! The need for websites that leverage SEO and having a complete online presence is one of the most important marketing trends for the coming years. We all look up businesses online and read their reviews before we make a decision, especially in a "professional service" type industry such as real estate. Register for my class on how to get SEO and maintain it.

2. QR Codes - QR codes are one of the most widely used tools today due to the pandemic, but are forcing reluctant technology demographics to know how to use them... they are everywhere! Even used to view restaurant menus! Our devices now make it easy to point to a QR code and tap the website. These little jewels are going to continue popping up in your daily life as more and more applications are discovered. And guess what... 95% of the time they point to a WEBSITE!

3. Social Media Marketing – Even agents that previously may have been reluctant to embrace technology will have NO choice but to leverage social media platforms to boost their lead generation. With so many working from home in most professional industries, they are more likely to rely on the internet to find agents to help them sell their home or purchase.

4. Use of Aerial Drones – Providing as much photography on a property as possible can help focus private tours to those that are not only interested in the house but the neighborhood or community. Drone footage can demonstrate the nature of the neighborhood in addition to a virtual tour of the house itself.

5. Content Marketing – An inexpensive strategy that agents are investing in is content marketing through the use of Website Blogs, Zoom Webinars, Newsletters, and YouTube videos. Content Marketing not only helps agents stay top of mind with past clients but demonstrates their authority and expertise in the industry. This is a difficult strategy for those that relied on direct marketing, but it is a strategy that can have a higher ROI for pennies.

6. Video Content will Dominate – This can’t be said often enough or loud enough. Video is one of the most engaging forms of content and is predicted to be 82% of all online content by 2022. This clearly shows how important it is to learn how to create video and how to use it, in order to stay relevant in the social media platforms. It’s never been easier with the free online tools we have now and you don’t have to worry about expensive equipment, having your hair perfect, or hiring people that want to charge you huge stacks of cash to do video for you.

7. Virtual Tours – In an area where homes are selling as soon as they hit the market, Virtual Tours may not be needed, but in most areas, they are still an important aspect of marketing a listing. Even in the higher price points that take longer to sell with a smaller target demographic, this can be a great strategy to perfect and continue utilizing this year.

8. Email Marketing – As we attempt to accommodate our “new normal,” email marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for realtors sending market updates, new listings, and keeping in contact with their database. A little humor thrown in can help lighten up the day. Email campaigns are expected to be a key part for real estate agents’ marketing plans. Register for my class on how to create a MailChimp Newsletter template.

9. Charity and Community Service – This may seem counter-intuitive during a pandemic, but there are all kinds of ways you can participate in the needs of your local communities. Demonstrating to your potential clients as well as existing clients that you are invested in the community were you do business is extremely important. The types of charities you support also can speak volumes about who you are as a neighbor, resident, citizen, and professional.

10. Automation – If you don’t block out time each morning to get your online marketing ready for the day, you will find several online tools that can help with automation. They all take an effort on your part, but the alternative of using third-party online companies that say they can increase your SEO or write a daily blog for you, won’t get you nearly the result you will get if done on your own. Register for my class on how to use Buffer for Social Media Scheduling.

2020 was truly a shock to our system, a very chaotic year that we never want to repeat, but it taught us to be vigilant. Many of us are going to be "slow" returning to our previous habits, which means agents are going to have to continue to embrace technology for a long time to come.

As an agent, you have to be responsible for knowing every aspect of your business, not just the process of selling a home or showing buyers dream homes. It’s also marketing yourself and lead generating. Keep tabs on everything you do, what all you are paying for, what results you are seeing, and manage, manage, manage. 2021 is the year to circle the wagons around your business, protect your assets and take control.

Feel free to reach out to me for a candid conversation about what we can do to help you with your marketing. or 831-239-6665!

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