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Winterize Your Marketing & Website to get Ready for 2022

Fall and winter bring lots of fun things we can do with friends, family, and local charities. We prepare our homes for the season, clean gutters, change air filters, adjust the settings on our thermostats, and get out our winter clothes.

It's also smart to prepare for seasonal marketing and website content. Marketing is always about building relationships, sharing local events, blogging about your favorite holiday events or experiences. Supporting local charities is a huge endeavor as it shows your demographic that you are vested in the community you serve, work, live, and love. We will explore many of these ideas in the upcoming Monday Marketing Forum, so keep an eye out for our event calendar.

Winterizing your website can also keep it fresh, new, and content rich. You don't want your viewers to see a "stale" website, so update what you can! Blogs are the most common way to add new content and seasonal activities. You can also create a page or section on "how to buy or sell during the holidays." Most of you already know the "how" just put it into words with some images! It's in you, just bring out your holiday spirit!

If you would like to know more about what you can do, email me, call me, and join our events.

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